Thursday, April 6, 2023

Vintage Cleveland Press Pumpkin Print

2023 Update:

I re-created this as I wanted it to look better. You're welcome. P.S. If you use this somewhere on the internet, credit would be nice. Feel free to share this link with everyone!

I was reading a Facebook thread about all the good memories this pumpkin gave to people around this time of year. One commenter even remarked that this was their only Halloween decoration, a cutout from the Cleveland Press (defunct) of a grinning jack o lantern.

I looked for a better quality but this appears to be the only one floating around.

So I kicked up Adobe Illustrator and decided to make a clean, vector version of it, for anyone who'd like to print themselves one, or many copies.

Wanna get the Cleveland Press Jack o lantern on a t-shirt, too?  


A magnet? Even a Cleveland Press Pumpkin mug?!

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