Thursday, April 7, 2022

1988 McDonald's McBunny Kids Meal Buckets

Buckets. What a useful thing a bucket can be. If you're a fan of this blog, you know how we treasure our Halloween buckets, and rightfully so. They can hold what? Yeah.

Halloween candy.

McDonald's used to make excellent choices by giving us 80's and 90's kids buckets for said candy, even if they were a bit on the tiny side. And then one day in Spring 1988, Ronald McDonald was leading the board meeting at McDonald's headquarters and he suggested more buckets. But not for Halloween. For Easter.

I can imagine the board room blowing the fuck up. FryGuys losing their collective shit. Grimace flailing his purple arms. Birdie the Early Bird rejoicing. The Hamburglar being shady. 

"Easter Buckets!", Ronald says. The smile drooping from ear to ear.

Why these didn't become a yearly this is something I will 1, never understand and 2, never forgive.

The 1988 Easter McBunny pails.

Fluffy McBunny - Blue Easter Bunny

Pinky McBunny - Yellow Easter Bunny

Whiskers McBunny - Green Easter Bunny

And as if these aren't super cute, the M handle is also bunny ears. Modern design! Art! Takes my breath away!

Happy Easter, readers!

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