Thursday, December 1, 2022

1960 Popular Mechanics Lawn Santa Claus Wood Cutout

I wanted to paint a vintage-style Santa since Christmas 2021. I looked through the Douglas Fir designs and I liked them well enough, but when I came across this Popular Mechanics Santa from 1960, the design was perfect and so was the price: Free on Google books.

There are 16 pages full of Christmas DIY projects, including the as-large-as-you-want Santa Claus cutout. You can view all 16 pages and more here: Popular Mechanics 1960s Christmas Santa.

If this were 1960, I could send in 50 cents and get a large print to paste onto your wood. Since it's 2022, I figured I'd probably better keep my 50 cents and enlarge the image in Photoshop, and use an inexpensive projector to display my image for painting.

Here's a few in progress, and a completed!

Painting Santa. I used a 4x8 sheet of plywood, and made him 6 feet tall.

Cutting Santa out with a jigsaw.

Santa is sealed and painted and displayed with a spotlight! There's another great resource I wanted to point to that has even more vintage Popular Mechanics Christmas links, Family Christmas Online.

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