Friday, December 2, 2022

Popular Mechanics 1954 Say Merry Christmas with Plywood Cutouts

The first installment of these Christmas do it yourself wood cuts came in the November 1954 issue of Popular Mechanics. 

Included in the 5 page feature are the patterns and instructions for a life-size snowman with a hat, scarf, and a broom; Choirboys in robes holding music books.

A jolly Santa Claus in a sleigh with toys in his sack, and a reindeer to pull him along; A group of carolers with songbook; a uniquely shaped Santa Claus; A fun pattern for 3D style Christmas trees.

A praying angel with a halo; and finally, tall skinny candles with stars behind the flames.

You can view all 5 pages via Google Books - Popular Mechanics November 1954 Say "Merry Christmas" with Plywood Cutouts

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